Illustration & Infographics

We creatives are literally never done creating, with each and every blank canvas or computer screen providing an all-too-tempting opportunity to do what we do best.

You can be sure we love what we do, and we put passion into everything crafted for you, too. Such is our commitment to creating that.

Creative director Nick Woodhead used to spend his evenings fine-tuning delicately drawn vector illustrations. From eye-catching flyers or posters for his band’s many live gigs, to re-imaginings of some of the art or film world’s most celebrated works, he can be found creating around the clock.

Graphic novels are his inspiration, too. As are video games. he often say's that he wouldn’t want his clients to be able to step into his mind; it’s busy in there, but it’s an absolute riot of creativity as well.

Go on; call on Nick for your next illustration or two and he'll get to work on something that reflects you and your unique project.

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